I want Peace by Joanna Wczesna, Polish Embassy NZ.

I want peace!

AccessibleEast Auckland

Sunday 24 September – Sunday 8 October, Tuesday-Friday: 10am-4pm Sunday: 12pm-5pm. Closed Monday and Saturday.


Polish Museum

125 Elliot Street, Howick

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Event details

“I want peace! I want my family to smile like before. I want to feel the safe sky and bright warm sun over my head. I want to go to school. I want to freely give joy and happiness with my violin playing”, Illariia, age 7, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.

View moving testimonies of war from children. Polish children record their experiences during World War II under German occupation, while Ukrainian children draw the current war.

Includes the ‘Mom, I Don’t Want War’ exhibition of the Polish-Ukrainian AAN archival project, and spotlights some of the Polish children from war zones who later made their lives in Auckland.

Presented by: Polish Heritage Trust Museum

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