DEVORA volcano experiment, March 25 2021.

Rocks, pops, and quakes: volcanoes and earthquakes

FreeAccessibleFamily activitiesCentral Auckland

Saturday 7 October, 10am-2pm


University of Auckland

Central City Campus: Commerce A, Building 114, Auckland Central

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Ever found a rock and wondered what it was?

Why do some buildings stay up in an earthquake and others fall down? Why do some volcanoes erupt with lava flows and some with huge explosions?

Meet volcanologists, seismologists, and engineers from the University of Auckland to find out more.

Take part in some fun, volcano-related experiments and see examples of explosive and oozing eruption styles

Learn about earthquakes and the engineering that goes into keeping buildings up. Suitable for all children and kids-at-heart.

Presented by: DEVORA: Determining Volcanic Risk in Auckland and QuakeCoRE: NZ Centre for Earthquake Resilience

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