Band of Hope Certificate, 1911, Warkworth Museum DR1215.

Combined local museums talk

FreeAccessibleNorth Auckland

Thursday 28 September, 10.30am-12pm


Warkworth Old Masonic Hall

3 Baxter Street, Warkworth

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Warkworth Library hosts three speakers from local museums.

Dianne Morgan from the Warkworth Museum will talk about the Warkworth’s Temperance Movement, its people and places.

Jenny Schollum from the Puhoi Heritage Museum will talk about love, peace, and protest in Puhoi, including Puhoi’s involvement in World War I, peace celebrations, Puhoi's triple wedding in 1901, and the more recent protests against land development.

Peter Marsh from the Albertland Heritage Museum will take us on a photographic journey, captured by his grandfather, renowned early New Zealand photographer Harold Marsh, featuring early Albertlanders’ peace and love celebrations.

Presented by: Warkworth Museum, Puhoi Heritage Museum, Albertland Heritage Museum, and Auckland Council Libraries

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