A sheet of paper with the words, 'OUT OF POLAND: When the best revenge is to have survived - A HOLOCAUST STORY' printed on it, overlapping a newspaper article and old document. Supplied by Polish Heritage Trust Museum.

Talk: Out of Poland - A Holocaust Story

FreeAccessibleEast Auckland

Wednesday 4 October, 10.30am-11.30am


Polish Heritage Trust Museum

125 Elliot Street, Howick

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Museum opens at 10am




Author Jenny Harrison shares the discovery, research and writing of her book 'Out of Poland: When the Best Revenge is to Have Survived'.

"For years the brown leather suitcase had lain hidden under the house. Someone had placed it there, away from prying eyes, behind the aching twist of floor joists and gurgling pipes.

"When it was finally opened it would prove to be a Pandora's Box.

"The present-day Siegel family knew nothing of their relatives only that they had lived and died in Poland during World War II. It was only when the suitcase was opened they finally learnt their father's dreadful secret.

"He had fled to New Zealand. But did he really escape? Or was he forever haunted by what he had left behind?"

Stay for morning tea, meet Jenny and look around the museum galleries.

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