A horse-drawn carriage moves along a road surrounded by trees, 1913. Auckland Libraries, 4-2490.

The Olive Grove at Cornwall Park: International Roots and Routes in 19th Century Auckland

FreeFamily activitiesCentral Auckland

Saturday 7 October, 10am-11.30am


Cornwall Park Information Centre - Huia Lodge

Michael Horton Drive, Epsom

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Bookings required

If it is raining the walk will become a talk, hosted at Cornwall Park Information Centre.

Contact Cornwall Park Information Centre

09 630 8485





Auckland Museum History Curator Lucy Mackintosh will provide a walk of the olive grove at Cornwall Park.

Sir John Logan Campbell planted the olive grove on the slopes of Maungakiekie-One Tree Hill in the late 19th century. He began producing pickled olives and olive oil long before the olive industry developed in New Zealand.

Lucy has been researching the olive grove for her doctoral studies. She will talk about the history of the grove, focusing on the international connections forged with Australia, Italy, America and China through the development of the grove.

Join us to trace the olive grove's international roots and routes in 19th century Auckland.

If the weather is inclement the walk will become a talk at the Cornwall Park Information Centre.

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