Street view of an old two storey Devonport home with a picket fence in front, 1994. Photo supplied by North Shore Heritage Inventory Photographs, Auckland Council Archives, NSC 891/83.

Devonport Houses: An Online Exhibition

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Saturday 30 September - Sunday 15 October


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The online exhibition features photographs taken for a review of the North Shore Heritage Inventory for North Shore City Council in 1994.

The project involved a review of items on the registers and schedules of the five pre-amalgamation district schemes.

The photographs were taken as part of a foot survey for the whole of Devonport to identify additions to the inventory.

The architectural styles include:

  • cottages and early villas before 1890

  • Victorian-Edwardian villas, 1890 to 1910

  • Edwardian and transitional villas, 1905 to 1920

  • bungalows

  • English Cottage Style, 1920s to 1930s.

So far we have been unable to identify all the houses in the photographs. Can you help?

View the Devonport Houses: An Online Exhibition. Please note the online exhibition will begin on Saturday 30 September 2017.

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