Four women sit in a vintage, open-top car. Alberton - Heritage New Zealand.

Here Come the Kerr Taylors: An Insight into Car Ownership in Early Auckland

AccessibleCentral Auckland

Saturday 30 September - Sunday 15 October, Wednesday - Sunday 10.30am-4.30pm



100 Mt Albert Road, Mt Albert

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Adults: $10
Children: free


No bookings required



"Look out! Here come the Kerr Taylors!" This exclamation, reportedly heard at the approach of Alberton’s three Kerr Taylor sisters in their crimson Chevrolet, was made not because they drove so fast, but because they drove so slow!

In the mid-20th century, the slightly eccentric sisters in their ‘funny old car’ were a familiar sight about town.

The youngest, Muriel, the only one tall enough to see over the dashboard, was always the driver. Muriel had particular motoring habits, including never driving in the rain.

From 1925, the car provided an important form of transport for the sisters. It enabled their weekly trips to Farmers Department Store and to Waimaku, to deliver produce to their nieces and nephews' families.

This small exhibition looks at the first vehicles that took to the roads in Auckland and how cars shaped the urban landscape. The exhibition pays special attention to the Chevrolet, the Kerr Taylors’ car of choice.

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