Outside the Selwyn Library

Hatched, matched and dispatched

AccessibleCentral Auckland

Friday 5 October to Sunday 14 October, 10am-4pm


The Selwyn Library

10 St Stephens Ave, Parnell

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Adults, $10. Children and students, $5


Bookings for large groups or busses requested

Contact Pat Hollister:

09 818 4826





Event details

This exhibition features christening gowns, wedding dresses and mourning items, illuminating the life stages and traditions of Auckland people over the past 100+ years.

One gown of interest is a wedding dress made in France, worn by Mrs R.T. Michaels to celebrate her golden wedding with Mr Ralph Thomas Michaels in Auckland in 1935. Mrs Michaels was the last surviving member of the White family who arrived from the UK on the ship Shalah-mah in 1859.

She was one of the oldest members of the Auckland Lyceum Club, the Hospital Auxiliary and the Navy League, and a life vice-president of the Ex-servicewomen's Association. She was well known in the Soldiers' Club, Russell Square, London, where she and her husband did honorary war work for two years during the First World War.

Brought to you by Friends of the Cathedral

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