Leys Orchestra family concert

FreeAccessibleCentral Auckland

Sunday 14 October, 2.30pm-4pm


Centennial Theatre

Auckland Boys Grammar School, 55-87 Mountain Rd, Epsom

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Not long ago, people made their own entertainment, and movies were accompanied by live orchestras.

Of the many orchestras that competed for audiences in Auckland's vibrant music scene a century ago, only Leys Orchestra remains to keep alive this wonderful heritage.

Our free concert showcases songs and music for piano and violin by father and son Raimund and Eric Pechotsch, who lived, performed and composed in Auckland.

Orchestral items featuring characteristic novelties such as Cinderella and Sullivan's The Lost Chord evoke the nostalgia of a bygone era.

The background of the music and lives of the composers are illuminated during the programme, revealing colourful life stories that led to national headlines.

Brought to you by Leys Orchestra

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