Panmure Stone Cottage
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 1052-E2-5

Panmure heritage walks

FreeCentral Auckland

Sunday 30 September, Sunday 7 and 14 October, 10am-12 noon


Panmure Stone Cottage

1 Kings Rd, Panmure

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Contact Chris Turnbull:

09 521 5594

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The Panmure Historical Society has designed this tour, tracing 9000 years of history.

It begins with the volcanic explosion of Panmure Basin, and then tracks the series of settlements; from early through to nineteenth century Māori, English farming, Irish and English Fencibles, early twentieth century Chinese market gardeners, and recent immigrant groups, all who have made the Panmure of today.

The guided walks begin and end at the historic Panmure Stone Cottage, which the Society manages as a museum of the suburb's colonial heritage.

Brought to you by Panmure Historical Society

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