Storyteller Melissa Fergusson outside Bhana Bros in Ponsonby
Photo by Everall Deans, 2018

Ponsonby presents: Audio walking heritage tour of Ponsonby

FreeCentral Auckland

(You can take this self-guided walk at any time during daylight hours.)



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Wander the streets of Ponsonby while listening to a guided audio history with storyteller Melissa Fergusson. You can walk at your own pace, stop off and enjoy a beverage or snack in a nearby cafe.

It's a great way to gain some historical insight and cool snippets of information about the people, bygone businesses, stories and history of the buildings on Auckland's famous Strip.

The walk starts at Bishop Pompallier Reserve in Redmond St and goes south along Ponsonby Road, branching out into residential streets on either side.

Download audio: You can download the audio as an mp3 file and play it on your mobile phone, or listen to it as a podcast, from the I Love Ponsonby website.

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