Still from 'The Schoolmaster's Bedroom' virtual reality movie by Erin Sainsbury, 2017
Erin Sainsbury, 'The Schoolmaster's Bedroom', 2017

Weaving Pā with Pah

FreeAccessibleCentral Auckland

Saturday 29 September to Sunday 14 October:
- Tuesday to Friday, 10am-3pm
- Saturday and Sunday, 8am-5pm


Pah Homestead

72 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough

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Weaving Pā with Pah invites you to explore the Little Gallery at the Pah Homestead. Landscape paintings, sculpture, tāonga and a virtual reality artwork create a window in time, offering a glimpse into the Māori and European history of the homestead.

The Pah Homestead harbours a long and challenging history – for hundreds of years the land, once known as Whataroa Pā, was fought for by numerous iwi. In 1844 the land was sold into European hands, splitting its history into a 'before' and 'after'.

This exhibition dedicates the gallery space to the Māori history of the Pah, filling it with tāonga and paintings of a landscape untouched by Europeans, and illustrating the connections to the native bush that once covered the area.

Wear the virtual reality headset and you'll be transported to the gallery as it would have been in the early 20th century, when it was the bedroom of a schoolmaster at St John's Collegiate School.

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