Great un-celebrated heroes of Bayswater and district

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Saturday 12 October, 12.30pm-1.30pm


The Rose Centre

4 School Road, Belmont

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Contact Michael Greig:

027 245 5786

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Michael Greig is a traditional and contemporary story teller and local historian.

He has compiled many tales from unreliable sources. They cover forgotten heroes and heroines who may or may not have resided in the town of Bayswater and township of Belmont.

He will tell the stories of:

  • the 'Pirate Princess', her father and his very rude parrot
  • the saga of the Mounted Militia lead by the forgotten "Two Toes" Taylor
  • sporting personality, Snow Fearless, the extreme sport dancer
  • the sad fall of the defrocked Forensic Pathologist, Frank Pur Sang.

Brought to you by Bayswater Community Committee with support from the Rose Centre

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