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Children's Couldrey House discovery day

FreeAccessibleFamily activitiesNorth Auckland

Wednesday 9 October, 2pm-3pm


Orewa Library

12 Moana Avenue, Orewa

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Bookings are required

Contact Corrina Bowen:

09 426 8249


Event details

Ōrewa Library partners with Couldrey House for a children's day at the library.

Children will learn about how people used to journey to Wenderholm in the past, the challenges and how different it is today.

How did Wenderholm come to be? They will find this out, see historical objects, hear old fashioned stories and make food from scratch as they would have then.

They will get to churn butter by hand and make a holiday picnic classic – and try their butter on some scones.

The Trust that runs Couldrey House wants to conserve and maintain the house for future generations. They want to continue to share the stories of the house and its treasures.

Brought to you by Auckland Libraries and Couldrey House

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