Carolyn Skelton

Couldrey House

FreeAccessibleNorth Auckland

Monday 21 October
Orewa Library, 10.30am-11.30am
Whangaparaoa Library, 1pm-2pm


Orewa Library, 12 Moana Avenue, Orewa
Whangaparaoa Library, 9 Main Street, Stanmore Bay

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Contact Orewa Library: 09 426 8249,
Whangaparaoa: 09 427 3710,


Event details

Couldrey House and Wenderholm Regional Park have attracted visitors by sea and land for over 160 years.

Before roads, visitors to the house (built in 1857) and holiday makers coming to the beach came by water.

Chris Hagon, is a volunteer historian from Couldrey House. He will talk about how the house and others like it formed Auckland, and the journeys of its peoples.

Brought to you by Auckland Libraries and Couldrey House

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