J.T Diamond, 1908 Spearpoint, Charles Thomas 1873-1953

Birkenhead Village presents: brass, bands & fruit bowls

FreeAccessibleNorth Auckland

Friday 11 to Sunday 13 October, 11am-1pm and 6pm-8pm


Norfolk Pine Stage, Corner Hinemoa and Mokoia roads, and Birkenhead Avenue

1 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead

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New settlers brought their fruit harvesting skills to Aotearoa - these became part of the fabric of their new lives.

Under European settlement, the Fruit Growers Association formed, and Birkenhead became famous for its strawberries, plums and peaches.

At the end of successful harvests, brass bands serenaded the workers at social dances and balls.

Come and enjoy the brass bands sounds of a successful harvest in 1908.

Brought to you by Birkenhead Town Centre Association & Kaipātiki Local Board

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