Te Puke ō Tara - Hampton Park.
Te Puke ō Tara - Hampton Park.

Explore Te Puke ō Tara: Hampton Park

FreeSouth Auckland

Monday 5 October, 1:30pm-3:30pm


Te Puke ō Tara Hampton Park

Meet outside 344 East Tāmaki Road, East Tāmaki

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Anna Baine, 027 270 8297





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Take a free guided walk and talk with your community park ranger and local historian John Steel through this fascinating historic volcanic reserve. Learn about its extensive Māori and European cultural heritage and the incredible stories of this unique place. You'll also get a better understanding of the volcanic and geological history of the area.

This is a rare opportunity for people to visit some unique historic stone stables and one of the oldest surviving stone churches in Auckland. Te Puke ō Tara/Hampton Park is the former property and home to well-known early European setter Gideon Smales.

Presented by: Auckland Council Parks

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