Muriwai pillow lavas.
Muriwai pillow lavas. Photo, Bruce Hayward.

Auckland's geoheritage walks: Muriwai pillow lavas

FreeWest Auckland

Sunday 27 September, 1pm-3pm


Car park above Māori Bay

Waitea Road, Muriwai




No bookings required.


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The rocks that can be seen in the cliffs south of Muriwai Beach hold secrets about how they were formed, about 17 million years ago on the lower submarine slopes of New Zealand's largest cone volcano - the Waitākere Volcano.

Auckland geologist and author Bruce Hayward will provide a guided walk along Māori Bay and over Otakamiro Point reading the rocks and telling the stories about how they were formed. These include the internationally famous pillow lava flow that was squeezed out onto the deep-sea floor and the sediments that were swept down a submarine canyon and deposited in this vicinity.

Presented by: Auckland Geology Club

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