Stanmore Bay folded strata.
Stanmore Bay folded strata, Bruce Hayward.

Auckland's geoheritage walks: Stanmore Bay's ancient submarine slide

FreeNorth Auckland

Saturday 3 October, 2pm-4pm


Car park south east

End of Stanmore Bay Road, Stanmore Bay

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20 million years ago the Auckland region was submerged beneath the sea at depths of 1-2 km. During this time, vast quantities of sand and mud eroded off an ancient land, swept down the submarine slopes and were deposited in layers across Auckland. These layers were compressed and hardened and have been pushed up out of the sea. They can now be seen in the eroding sea cliffs around the city.

Geologist and author Bruce Hayward will lead you on a short walk around the foreshore at the southern end of Stanmore Bay. He will point out the various rock exposures that contain the secrets to understanding the stories of how the layers were deposited, how we know about the animals that once lived in these deep-sea sediments and how the tightly folded layers were produced by large slides of material that slid down the seafloor slopes.

Presented by: Auckland Geology Club

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