School swimming competition.
School swimming competition. Photo courtesy of Warkworth District's Museum.

Warkworth stories

FreeAccessibleNorth Auckland

Sunday 27 September, 11am-12pm


Old Masonic Hall

3 Baxter Street, Warkworth

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Gerard Wingerden, 09 427 3920




Bookings are required.
Spaces limited to 12, participants will be divided into smaller groups for the tour.
In the event of rain cancellation, participants will be advised.


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Read and hear about the people and places of Warkworth.

Have you heard about cattle jumping ship down at the wharf?

Why were US troops marching through the centre of town?

Where did early Māori collect fresh water from?

These are just some of the unusual and intriguing Warkworth stories you can enjoy.

Get the Warkworth Stories Audio App, and then walk along the river while you listen to our stories.

Presented by: Auckland Libraries and Warkworth Stories

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