Fort Takapuna.
Fort Takapuna. Russell Glackin, In Defence of Our Land, Penguin 2009 , P 26.

Guided tour: secrets and stories of the historic coastal defences on Maungauika/North Head

FreeNorth Auckland

Saturdays and Sundays between 26 September-11 October
Sat and Sun: 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm


Royal New Zealand Navy Museum

64 King Edward Parade at the foot of Maungauika/North Head, Devonport

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Royal New Zealand Navy Museum, 09 445 5186




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Tell a war story and plenty of secrets come out! The emplacement of 'disappearing guns' to provide effective coastal defence for Auckland during the Russian war scares in the 1880s continues to spread mystery about the remnants on Maungauika /North Head.

From the arrival of the Russian cruiser Kaskowiski in Auckland Harbour in 1873 to the Royal Commission set up to investigate the purchase of the land to construct Fort Takapuna in 1880.

Rumours have also swirled about two Boeing flying boats from the Walsh Brothers Flying School in Kohimarama, stored in secret sealed-up tunnels and hidden rooms on North Head. And there's even a theory that an old ammunition dump with potentially dangerous ammunition and possibly chemical weapons remains undiscovered.

Presented by: Auckland Coastal Defences Historical Trust  

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