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Fully Booked Sepultum est Coemeterio Maketu: Heritage Walk, Old Maketu Cemetery

South Auckland

Wednesday 4 October, 9.30am


Roman Catholic Cemetery

Pratts Road, Ramarama

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$10, includes booklet


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Contact Kara Oosterman

09 298 2003



The old Maketu Roman Catholic Cemetery - also known as the Ramarama or Pratts Road Cemetery - is still in use today, with the earliest documented burial in 1870.

This cemetery is a repository of local history, revealed through the lives of those buried there.

Men, women and children whose stories illustrate the early days of the district through times of struggle and success, tragedy and celebration.

Stories that began on far-off shores and continued across the sea (those voyages stories in themselves), heralding the arrival of new generations at the place they came to call home.

We look back at the relationships and shared events which bring to life the rich and fascinating history of the area.

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