A silhouetted figure walks across the shore near Te Tora Point Manukau Harbour at low tide, 1920. Auckland Libraries Footprints 04615, photograph reproduced by courtesy of Waiuku Museum Society.

Gatherings on the Manukau

FreeAccessibleSouth Auckland

Saturday 30 September - Saturday 14 October, Monday - Thursday 9am-7pm, Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-3pm


Nathan Homestead

70 Hill Road, Manuerwa

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By area, Te Manukanuka o Hoturoa (Manukau Harbour) is the second largest harbour in Aotearoa. Loved and enjoyed by many, the harbour has always been a source for food gathering and has long provided the means for navigating the expansive coastline.

One of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals is to conserve and sustainably use the world's oceans, seas and marine resources. This goal underpins the kaupapa of the exhibition.

Photographs from the Auckland Libraries heritage collections serve to illustrate the rich bounty of the harbour in former times and present recorded journeys made across the breadth and length of this waterway.

This exhibition will travel around the edges of the Manukau Harbour on Te Hau a Uru, the wind that blows from the west, from Titirangi to Waiuku.

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