Grant Wright, apprentice Stott Butcher in 1973
Photo courtesy of Grant Wright, 1973

Fully booked Birkenhead presents: Creating heritage sausages

FreeFamily activitiesNorth Auckland

Wednesday 3 October, 10am-11am


Highbury Butchery

11 Mokoia Rd, Birkenhead Village

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Bookings are required

Children 8+ only (must be supervised by an Adult)

Contact Teri Boner:

09 486 8559


Event details

There has always been a butcher on Highbury Corner, the birthplace of Birkenhead commerce in 1927.

The butchery was one of the first three shops at the commercial birthplace of Highbury, built by local businessman W H Payne.

Grant Wright was an apprentice under the Stott family of original butchers, and now has a vibrant traditional butchery business himself. Children can come along and learn how to make heritage sausages.

Brought to you by Birkenhead Town Centre Association, Highbury Butchery

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