Bobbin used by craftspeople to make intricate lace patterns

Fully booked Onehunga presents: Bobbin lacemaking

FreeAccessibleCentral Auckland

Friday 5 October, 10am-1pm


Onehunga Community Library

85 Church St, Onehunga

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Contact Heather Graham:

09 377 0209


Event details

Bobbin lacemaking was a skill bought to New Zealand by European settlers, who also brought the bobbins, pillows and patterns they needed to continue the craft.

Lacemaking, like all textile craft, was considered part of a woman's domestic role, but it offered both a challenge and a creative outlet. Delicate and time-consuming examples such as doilies and tablecloths were often a source of pride, either carefully displayed or only used for special occasions. Experimental work with thread made from flax (harakeke) was a way of engaging with the new environment.

Join us for a 'have a go workshop' and complete a small piece of lace to take home.

See a display of lace, including vintage items, and learn more about the history of this intricate craft.

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